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With SmartPay connect to hundreds of Payment Partners with only connecting to a single API!

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SmartPay offers full scope innovative Private Payment (closed loop) Scheme Services

We deliver complete end-to-end payment systems with cards, wearables, QR, mobile apps and terminals and back office using our proprietary, modular, full-stack solution in minimal time, for maximum business value to our customers.

About Us

Founded in 2017

  • 20+ Employees Global reach & growing adoption

Key Strengths

  • Disruptive End-To-End Technology
  • Deep Industry Experience
  • Vast & Solid network clients based relationship


  • HQ: Philippines
  • R&D: Philippines
  • Sales: Philippines, Singapore
  • Technical Support: Philippines

Our Mission

To be a leading provider of next generation payment schemes and digital secured services.

To enable emerging and mature markets to seamlessly adopt new payment schemes or secured services through integrated networks, and enabled interoperability based on our disruptive SmartPay technologies.